Baptism is an important part of an individual’s Christian faith journey. At the Nahant Village Church we are happy to offer baptisms to those who profess a desire to follow Christ in their lives. Through the sacrament of baptism, an individual invites the Holy Spirit into their lives and the congregation vows to accompany the individual in their faith journey. 

Baptisms can occur via full immersion in the waters that surround the island of Nahant. Baptism by sprinkling water in the sanctuary can also be requested. Baptisms are offered in the context of a worship service. Prior to baptism an individual or family meets with the pastor to prepare for the sacrament. If you desire to renew your baptism, please email Rev. Megan as that can also be arranged. 


The Nahant Village Church offers dedications for children whose parents desire to raise them in the Christian faith. Dedication is similar to baptism in that it involves vows that the parents make to raise their children to follow Christ, with the help of the church. 


Some parents choose not to baptise their children, desiring instead to leave that decision up to their children when they are older and capable of choosing/ consenting to be baptised. One reason for choosing to dedicate a child rather than baptising them is so that the experience of baptism can be something that the child remembers and does as a response to their life experiences/ beliefs.  Often baptism at an older age is called “believer baptism”.


Dedications are offered in the context of a worship service. Prior to a dedication a family meets with the pastor to prepare for the ritual.


To arrange a baptism for you or your child or a dedication for your child, please email Rev. Megan at 

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