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Meet Our Pastors

Dear Nahant Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and I am writing to introduce myself before I arrive in February to become your settled minister. My name is Rev. Scott Elliott, but a simple “Scott” is preferred.  I was quite honored to be called to Nahant Village Church (NVC) for that candidate Sunday on October 16, 2022. My wife Nancy and I fell in love with your church, your town and the people that we met.

Nancy and I grew up in the Bay Area of California, but we raised our children in a little coastal town in Oregon called Lincoln City. My first call as a minister was in Melbourne, Florida, another coastal town. I mention these geographic experiences because they all involved being near the ocean. This is something we miss in our present Ohio locale. While Lake Erie is nice, we love the idea of getting the salt water that runs in our veins recharged daily.

Nancy and I met at a community college in San Jose, our hometown. We then headed off to Cal State Stanislaus where I studied drama, a decision that served me well when I went off to argue law in law school (University of Oregon) and for the sixteen years I practiced law. My drama studies and law degree both served me well at Eden Seminary (in St Louis, also far from an ocean!). And all those doggone degrees have helped me preach and teach and administer and care in my pastoral duties in churches I have served– and I fully expect them to help me should I be honored with a call to minister with you all at NVC.
In addition to a ton of schooling and degrees I bring sixteen years of pastoring experiences that have included solid worship services, progressive sermons, deep conversations about God, Bible studies, book discussions and successful community organizing efforts relating to missions and ministries for peace, racial justice, LGBTQ+ justice, Women’s justice, and neighbors experiencing homelessness. Some of this has been done forging ecumenical and interfaith partnerships. Some of this has been done through award winning innovative youth and family theatre productions. Some of this has been done through award-winning community conversations. All of the missions and ministries had love at the center and were formed with prayer and care and Jesus at the center of the churches and my efforts.  From all of my experiences, and all of my research and communications about Nahant and NVC, I believe together with Christ we can do even more than I’ve been privileged to do before. I would not be coming to “candidate” with you if I did not believe that was true. I very much look forward to our time together and meeting each of you.
Your Brother in Christ,
Rev. Scott Elliott

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