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Funerals & Memorials

Contact Church office at 781-581-1202 or email Administrator at:


Thank you for choosing the Nahant Village Church (UCC) as the location for your loved one’s memorial service. We are honored to assist you in this important time. There is no requirement that you or your loved one be a member of this church or any church to have a memorial service held here. Similarly, your loved one does not need to have been baptised or confirmed to have a memorial service at the Nahant Village Church. We welcome all people and all family structures including multi-faith families. 


Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions, a memorial service contract, a service planning sheet, and a rate schedule for both memorial services and on-site receptions. 


The church office can be reached at: 

27 Cliff St, 

Nahant, MA 01908 

Phone: (781) 581-1202 


The church office staff will connect you with a minister to officiate your loved one’s service. 



Please be in conversation with the service Officiant in order to discuss precautions and policies regarding the COVID-19 virus and the measures taken to ensure safety of all involved in the service. 


Church Capacity

The Sanctuary and the Chapel are both available for memorial services. The Sanctuary seats about 325 people and the Chapel seats about 75 people.  Rates for each space can be found on the rate schedule as a part of this packet. 



Memorial services are officiated by the Minister of this church. If a clergy person from another setting is to be included in the service, the Minister of this church will extend an invitation to the guest clergy after the family has provided the contact information. 


Planning Meeting

The Minister will meet with you and your family at least once in advance of the service to learn more about your loved one, offer support, and plan the service with you. Please make contact with the Minister directly to schedule time.



You may choose any music appropriate to a church setting, whether contemporary or traditional music. Any questions should be discussed with the Minister and/or the church Music Director. The church’s Music Director has first right of refusal for all memorial services, meaning that if you have someone else you would like to be your primary musician our Music Director needs to be consulted and offered the regular fee. The Music Director has a selection of traditional and contemporary music; however, the sheet music for a particular request may have to be supplied by the family. Should you wish to invite a soloist or instrumentalist(s), they will need to consult with the Minister and the Music Director. We are happy to accommodate additional musicians in the service. 


Flowers, Photo Boards, Personal Items

You are welcome to bring flowers to the church for the service. Please consult with the Minister about the placement of floral arrangements. Any florists will need to contact the Minister to schedule a delivery time. You are welcome to bring photo boards or other personal items to the church for the service. Simply connect with the Minister to schedule a delivery time, if you need to bring the items in before the service date/time. 



If you wish to have a photographer or videographer, please consult with the Minister. Generally, photos and video can be taken so long as it does not distract from or interfere with the service. Similarly, please consult with the minister in advance if you plan to offer the service streamed for family and friends unable to physically attend.


The Funeral Home

Please ask your funeral home, if you are using one, to contact the Minister directly regarding service arrangements. The funeral home should relay all checks to the Minister along with a clergy record card. Please also inquire with the funeral home regarding prayer cards or a guest book if desired. 


Use of the Building

We are a smoke-free facility, so there is no smoking in the building. Also, alcoholic beverages are not to be served or consumed while on the grounds or in the building. Given the historic nature of our building, we ask that food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) be consumed only in Swansburg Hall (the social hall of the church). Thank you for your cooperation.

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